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The Bush Bones Connected to the Kerry Bones

Did you know that both of our candidates running for the Presidential office this year are members of a fraternity out of Yale University that some scholars claim to be a front for a secret society of elite business and political members?

The name of this secret society is known as the Order of Skull and Bones, and their members are nicknamed Bonesmen. The Skull and Bones are known to have a morbid facination with death.

"The Hangman equals death!
The Devil equals death!
Death equals death!"
- Skull & Bones chanting mantra

It doesn't matter which side of the political fence they are on. They can be either Republican or Democrat. Bonesmen have sworn an allegiance to one another to always help out a fellow Bonesman no matter what the cost.

Their favorite game of deception is to create a conflict between the two just to get the public amped up on whatever issue they wish to control. In the end, it doesn't matter which Republicrat side wins.

The Order of Skull and Bones always wins, because the true outcome is the one they wanted in the first place. A perfect example of this would be a war staged for a noble and patriotic purpose, yet in the end all that they wanted was controlled access to another country's natural resources [read: ownership of cheaper oil].

Famous Bonesmen from the past have included such recognizable family names such as George Bush, Sr., William Howard Taft (27th Pres.), Kellogg, Pillsbury, Goodyear, Rockefeller, Heinz, Weyerhaeuser, Dewey (of the Dewey decimal system), to name just a very few.

Bonesman vs. Bonesman in 2004

Well, 2004 is the first year ever where the candidates running in the U.S. Presidential election are both Bonesmen.

Bonesman have been sworn to an oath to never speak about membership in the Order of Skull and Bones in public. Isn't it odd that both John Kerry, who graduated only two years earlier than George W. Bush from Yale, and the Dubya have never spoken about this pact of secrecy to the public media?

Why the secrecy? Shouldn't we know just what it is that the Bonesmen have sworn to each other before a member can become president?

When asked about their membership, they have been quoted to answer:

"It's so secret, we can't even talk about it."
- George W. Bush on Meet the Press 02/09/04

Now you can show your true support and quietly nod in approval for either candidate by proudly displaying their Bonesmen's logo on your chest, for everyone to see. You know, wink, wink. Nudge, nudge...

Skull & Bones "322" T-shirts

The image that the Bonesmen use to symbolize their pact of secrecy, is the Skull & Bones with the number 322 below it. Some believe the "32" in 322 stands for when the cult began (1832), and that the second "2" marks the fact that this sect was the second such group. The first Order of Skull and Bones society on which it was modeled began in Germany prior to 1832.

These quality black t-shirts are printed on sturdy, 100% cotton, Hanes Beefy-T shirts. The Skull & Bones "322" image is silkscreened in white on the front of the shirt. Click the image to view the detail of the design.

Sizes are available in adult size Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and yes, we have XX-Large, too.

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